New and Repaired Arcade Games 14 Dec 2017

This is a monthly update detailing activities on the arcade side of things. All new and repaired arcade games as of 14 Dec 2017 are listed below:

  • *NEW* Carn Evil
  • *NEW* Mortal Kombat 2
  • *NEW* The Fast and Furious Super Bikes
  • *NEW* Wacky Gator
  • *NEW* Surround Sound added for the projector area 2500 Watts of pure power!
  • Wacky Gator repaired: spring in gator replaced
  • Shoot to Win Basketball repaired: the hole in the net was rewoven
  • South Park Pinball repaired: Mr Hanky action spring replaced and wiring to bumpers fixed
  • Gravity Hill repaired: ramp fixed and ball that used to get stuck was replaced


If you ever see a game that has an issue or needs maintenance please let us know so we can put that on that on our maintenance and repair list.


See our Arcade Page (also found at the top navigation bar) for the complete list of 60+ arcade games int he store with their current status.

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