Repaired Arcade Games 17 November 2018

We've been working hard to keep things up and going as well repair the machines that have been's a currently list of completed repairs that we've been working on.

1. Dinoscore is all repaired.

2. Fast and Furious Super Bikes has a new computer and is 100% again.

3. Mazan Flash of the Blade has had the monitor repaired.

4. Power Drift has had the monitor repaired.

5. Star Trek Voyager has had the monitor repaired and adjusted to work properly with the guns.

6.California Speed has had the accelerator pedal repaired.

7. Off Road has had the red wheel repaired.

8. The Wii U Kiosk has been installed and set up with sample games that are free to play.

9. The Gamecube kiosk has a new kiosk disc in it with different sample games to play.

Come in and check them out!!!

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