Online Store Is Now Open

It's official the online store is now open! Xbox 360 games are available to order and Playstation 3 is currently being worked on. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to serving your gaming needs.

Repaired Arcade Games 17 November 2018

We've been working hard to keep things up and going as well repair the machines that have been's a currently list of completed repairs that we've been working on.

1. Dinoscore is all repaired.

2. Fast and Furious Super Bikes has a new computer and is 100% again.

3. Mazan Flash of the Blade has had the monitor repaired.

4. Power Drift has had the monitor repaired.

5. Star Trek Voyager has had the monitor repaired and adjusted to work properly with the guns.

6.California Speed has had the accelerator pedal repaired.

7. Off Road has had the red wheel repaired.

8. The Wii U Kiosk has been installed and set up with sample games that are free to play.

9. The Gamecube kiosk has a new kiosk disc in it with different sample games to play.

Come in and check them out!!!

Repaired Arcade Games 22 August 2018

Sadly a few more games have gone down, but a few more games are repaired.

Galaxy Force 2 repaired

Tapper repaired

Time Crisis 3 first player is repaired

Wii U demo kiosk is set up

PS2 demo kiosk is set up

Dragon's Lair 1 controller fixed

Dragon's Lair 2 controller fixed

Starship Troopers pinball was down shortly and then repaired

We have big project in the works, which have slowed some arcade repairs. We are excited about the new upgrades including new display cabinet for our retro game selection and more in the future!!!!

Repaired Arcade Games 24 Mar 2018

We are proud to announce the following games are repaired and ready to play:

DDR (new CD ROM drive)

Time Traveler (Refurbished Laser Disc Player)

Carn Evil (rebuilt gun board so now both sides pump action works + new hard drive)

Repaired Arcade Games 20 Mar 2018

Repaired South Park Pinball broken target

Repaired Vacation Pinball flippers

Repaired Crystal Castle 1 player button

Repaired Soccer ball and sound on Footbal Frenzy

New and Repaired Arcade Games 13 Mar 2018

It's Spring cleaning (or repairing) at CLARKADE. We have 8 games out for rebuild right now in order to serve you better with more stable and available arcade games!!!

We are proud to introduce our NEW redemption area where you can win tickets towards prizes and merchandise. Our current redemption games are:

  1. Dog Pounder
  2. Football Fever
  3. Frantic Fred
  4. Horse Play
  5. Pull My Finger
  6. Rhythm Nation
  7. Ripper Ribbit
  8. Sidewinder
  9. Sky Hero
  10. Sonic and Tails Spinner
  11. Wacky Gator

Repaired games:

  1. Comet
  2. After Burner
  3. Hydro Thunder

New Games:

  1. Dragon's Lair
  2. Dragon's Lair 2
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kiosks are Now Available to Play For Free at Clarkade

We are working to have store kiosks up and going so customers can sample games from all time periods. Currently we have:

  • Xbox 360 Kiosk (just rebuilt)
  • Gamecube Kiosk
  • Pokemon Snap Kiosk featuring Pokemon Stadium for N64 (we hope to have the sticker printout function available in the future)

New and Repaired Arcade Games 14 Dec 2017

This is a monthly update detailing activities on the arcade side of things. All new and repaired arcade games as of 14 Dec 2017 are listed below:

  • *NEW* Carn Evil
  • *NEW* Mortal Kombat 2
  • *NEW* The Fast and Furious Super Bikes
  • *NEW* Wacky Gator
  • *NEW* Surround Sound added for the projector area 2500 Watts of pure power!
  • Wacky Gator repaired: spring in gator replaced
  • Shoot to Win Basketball repaired: the hole in the net was rewoven
  • South Park Pinball repaired: Mr Hanky action spring replaced and wiring to bumpers fixed
  • Gravity Hill repaired: ramp fixed and ball that used to get stuck was replaced


If you ever see a game that has an issue or needs maintenance please let us know so we can put that on that on our maintenance and repair list.


See our Arcade Page (also found at the top navigation bar) for the complete list of 60+ arcade games int he store with their current status.